NT2C is a world-class international construction company based in China,  listed as one of the China Fortune Top500 enterprises, and one of the Top20 in the list of most competitive companies in China Construction Industry. Abounding with decades of experience, NT2C has built a reputation of  “construction iron army ” in the building market.

NT2C specializes in housing construction and general contracting, and keeps to value the Company’s core concept of “Integrity, Humanity, Quality, Creativity” throughout the business. Since its inception in 1998, NT2C has been always

delivering high-quality products, reliable and high-performance operation to satisfy customer needs and fully earned their trust.


NT2C has 5.4 billion USD in total assets and net assets of 1.6 billion USD in 2016. The company employs approximately 7,000 professional technicians and engineers; 481 of them are certified First-class National Architects, and 26 have UK Royal Chartered Builder special permit.

Significant Innovation & Quality

NT2C owns various registered construction related patents and methods, which includes, among others, 11 innovations, 45 utility models and 6 acclaimed multinational construction methods. Moreover, the Company was honored by the Government of China, to participate and assist in drafting two national construction standards for the Chinese construction industry.

The Company has won dozens of professional awards for its outstanding projects; 37 projects had won the high-quality construction certificates known as the “Luban award ” for utmost quality of construction, “National High Quality Project Award”, and “Zhan Tianyou Award” for significant high-quality projects based on innovative technology.

Unique Organizational Structure

NT2C traditionally operates through an efficient  three-level flat management structure. The Company currently has 16 regional offices covering its business in more than 100 cities domestically and internationally, which creates a yearly overall of 100,000 job opportunities to the local economy.